Synology releases DSM 5.0 Build 4482

Version: 5.0-4482


Compatibility and Installation

  1. After installing this version of DSM on DS214play, the device will shut down and then power on automatically after two minutes.

Change Log

  1. Added the GeoIP* feature in Firewall settings, enabling you to allow or block IP addresses from certain countries.
  2. Added an option to save files in UTF-8 (with BOM) format in Text Editor.
  3. Fixed a security issue of Windows File Service to prevent remote attackers from obtaining access. (CVE-2013-4496)
  4. Fixed several security issues related to cURL. (CVE-2014-0139, CVE-2014-0015, CVE-2013-6422)
  5. Fixed an issue where CGI programs could not run on Personal websites.
  6. Added feature to disconnect user connections to HTTP(S) services after a user’s password is changed.
  7. Improved the stability of iSCSI target service.
  8. Improved the stability of file transfers via Apple File Protocol.

*This feature includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from